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Dronies Comic: Issue #1 LE 1st Edition Print

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Dronies (2022 Dronies LLC] #1-Ongoing

Writer: John Barber
Artist: Enfield
Cover Artist: Ryan Stegman
Letters: Shawn Lee
Colors: Francesco Segala
Color Flats: Gloria Martinelli
Creators: Moss Gracia, Evan Place, and Jon Eicher
Publication date: Sept 8, 2022
For nearly 100 years, Earth has been in a state of prosperity governed by a coalition of the worlds leaders known as Aegis. There have been no signs that this would ever come to an end... until now.DRONIES tells the story of a world whose aviary population is slowly being replaced by robotic surveillance birds. We follow Stewart, Melody, Canary, and Ender as they venture to uncover the reasoning for this replacement and who the entity behind it is.
This debut issue brings readers into a gritty, dark world of intrigue and mystery - a mission that will challenge each member of the Echelon with art by Enfield and colors by Francesco Segala (DarkHorse, Image Comics).
Digital, 16 pages, full color.
Language: English

Shipped in plastic sleeve with backer board inside comic mailer box to keep your comic safe and secured during shipping.

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